Immediate openings for Graduate Student Researchers:

Immediate openings are available for graduate students researchers in the fields of nanofabrication and nanophotonics. Student with master degree in physics, Material Science and Engineering are preferred.

Nano-fabrication: Positions are available to students with experience using several of the major top-down and/or bottom-up techniques for fabricating nano-structures (e.g. EBL, FIB, ALD and VLS in particular). Hands-on experience of working in a clean-room facility is preferred. In addition to natural experimental flair, candidates should also have an in-depth understanding of the chemistry and physics of micro and nano fabrication and synthesis.

Nano-photonics and optical metamaterials: Students with with experience in surface plasmon, NSOM, FTIR, non-linear optics and optical instrumentation are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in nano-optics and metamaterials is preferred. Solid training in optics and solid state physics would be beneficial, as candidates will be expected to work closely with theorists.